Seattle, WA

Soundhouse | Studio


Managed by legendary producer Jack Endino, Soundhouse is a private recording oasis. Soundhouse provides the level of comfort, acoustics and technical sophistication essential for the creative artist of today. Our live room features high ceilings, clear sight lines, hardwood floors, antique rugs, and an impressive microphone collection. The studio is located ten minutes away from Pike Place Market in downtown Seattle, and within blocks of many restaurants and coffee houses. Oh yeah, and it rocks mightily.

Established in 1992 by producer Scotty Crane and designed by award winning acoustician Chips Davis, Soundhouse is the only studio to be built from the ground up in Seattle. Soundhouse is home to a vintage 40 input Trident 80B console, a Studer A827 - 24 Track Analog Deck, a ProTools 32 Track Digital recording system, and the finest in new and vintage outboard gear.

Hit Makin' since 1992.


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