A couple weeks ago, Beautiful Lies recorded the basic tracks for their new album. Two things about that session of interest to me (well, three, actually. The third is that I neglected to ask for payment at the end of the session and today Zach emailed me to make sure they had paid! AWESOME!) are the way things got mic’ed. Mr. Fisk put a pair of U87’s on the drums  and instead of an “overhead” mic arrangement, used a front/right, back/left (audience perspective) (see previous post for a pic). The other: Two amps were used simultaneously for the guitar, separated by a gobo. Steve requested an AKG 414 in the room just in case he wanted some ambience, but he and Jack decided it wouldn’t be useful, UNTIL they discovered that the signals they were getting from each amp/track were out of phase, then they went in and put the 414 on a figure 8 pattern for a possible mid/side track. Not sure if it was used…

Anyway, the day after they were done, I cleaned up and proceeded to tear apart the Control Room. I took EVERYTHING out with the exception of the wires and the Trident 80B in  preparation for the installation of a new carpet. We carefully labeled each connection and reconnecting things was a breeze, with only a couple things reconnected wrong. Carpet went in, although due to someone’s mislabeling or something it arrived late and shifted the install date FOUR DAYS. It looks good, though!

New carpet and paint in the Soundhouse Control Room.

Notice the big Tannoy’s are higher, too!