If we were in Dune, that’s what the question would be. For now …  in this blog anyway. What would it be if  … we weren’t? Gravity and Happiness? Grass and Ultimate? Space and Time? Fear and Love? Bottled water and “Corporations are people”?

Wait, wait – oh here it is:      Seattle, Detroit .. What’s the connection?

A couple of clues I am able to share with you:

The Sonics were in this summer recording their new album (Welcome back to Soundhouse , guys!) with Jim Diamond producing. Jim tracked and overdubbed everything to the 2″ Studer. I was able to be there when they were transferring THE COMPLETE recording (all of the overdubs, everything were done to tape. Of course, not that spectacular 30 years ago, but it just goes to show that they are dedicated the the sound and authenticity) to protools for mixing. Sounded great! Jim took the files home with him to mix ….

Done yet??

Oh My.

A band without a name, pulled together by Stefan Moulvad of Denmark and “The Sandmen” came to Soundhouse last September to record an album. When I was first contacted by Mr. Fisk for booking, I thought he told me the band name was,  “Overthere”. Upon meeting Stefan, he had never heard the name. No matter, it’s the music, Mac!

Image 3

Image 1Stefan told me he put this project together with some Danish government funding, I believe, and had met Oh My Darling at a festival. Apparently he asked about where he should record in America, and within a minute and a half he’d decided to look up Steve Fisk. And so, Stefan came to Soundhouse with his drummer, Silas Tinglef and soon after, Oh My Darling (Check them out!), hailing from Winnipeg.

ImageImage 2

When you get this much talent in a studio, good things are bound to happen!

Really looking forward to the release!