mike here.

I just got a Universal Audio 2-610 for the studio. It happens to be the exact same piece of gear that introduced me into the world of nice mic pres and I’m excited to have it around.



Jack has been busy taking care of any and all noise/grounding issues and we have a clean bill of health! Just in time for Matthew Barnhart to come in with Chris Brokaw last weekend.

Jack’s mixing some Dirt Worshipper tomorrow….


Otherwise, we’re taking care of the last of the technical details (Like labeling wires, very exciting.) and planning the Soundhouse Grand Re-Opening party!

… have all been in the studio taking advantage of the “new and improved” Soundhouse!

Stag | Key Note Speaker | Red Vienna | Crystal Antlers

Stag is mixing this week with Jack Endino.

Next week:

Dawn Jewell comes in to mix with Shawn Simmons.

Lark Vs. Owl is doing some overdubs with Mike Sebring.

Chris Brokaw (formerly of CODEINE) is recording with Matthew J Barnhart.

Agh.  After updating the Gear page a while back I added the blog and uploaded the old page. Apologies to those of you that I sent there to see the “updated gear list”! It is now, officially, up-to-date!

Things that you may be interested in that are new to Soundhouse: