This week Birch Riley is in Soundhouse. First off, I’d like to say that they give the new couch a big thumbs up! Secondly – these guys came prepared. Preproduction sessions, tempo maps, the works!  Phil Calvert and Rick Sloot work at Triamp Group, a backline rental service and are very familiar with organization and what sounds good. Phil and Glen Sears are starting a website called Mixdom for musicians, producers and engineers – they’re documenting the recording process for Birch Riley’s album. You can read about it at Mixdom.com.

Brian Pake at the Helm at Soundhouse
The Giant Chrome legged Spider ...
Brian Pake at the Helm.

This month (April, 2012) is booked solid from end to end.

The bands: My Killer Heart, Red Heart Alarm, Black Beat Blue, The Insurgence, Birch Riley, The West, Jason Kertzer and Goldbar!

The engineer/producers: Jack Endino, Brian Pake, Mike Sebring, Reed Griffin

For most of this year we’ve been booked out a couple months in advance, however a Portugese band just cancelled a couple days ago, leaving a hole in May (11th – 19th) if anyone has a need. The first weekend in June is open, things open up a bit in July!

For booking inquires: http://www.soundhouserecording.net/contact.php

Tip of the day: Is it sunny? Go outside!

mike :’)~