Jack says the RE-20 stopped being able to handle the LOUDNESS emanating from the wall o amplifiers that Black Tusk was using to put sonics down for an album. I will investigate tomorrow and get it fixed.

The dbx 160 is getting repaired – it sounds great and all of the circuitry for the signal is good, but I got a new meter for it. I checked the voltage going to the meter and found it was almost twice what should be there – no wonder the meter failed!

Just got the Lexicon 200 reverb unit back … sounds good! Glad to have it back in the rack!

That’s about it. I double checked some patch bay connections yesterday and didn’t really turn up anything we didn’t already know about – except that the 7720 compressor had a loose solder joint. Jack fixed it immediately. A GREAT guy to have on your team! Once we compile the list, I’ll get the tech back in to make everything 100%.


– mike

2 thoughts on “Equipment on the fix list…

  1. Hey Mike.

    My re20 of 10 years developed the infamous “baby rattle syndrome” breaking up really bad on loud sources, and if you shook the mic you could hear a faint rattle. I sent it off to this guy Be*@mi******.com. There and back within a week and only around $140 for the repair. Much cheaper, faster than EV.

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