But that’s OK, because it’s about the sound.

The last few days has not been so visually exciting, but much has been accomplished. While Jay was tearing apart the patch bay and verifying where all of the wires were going, I was trying to get all the gear moved around into the 3 racks we have … and redesigning the patch bay several ( or 4 or 5) times, as we found out what was there and how “it’s usually done” according to Jay, who’s done it a number if times.

The Processing Rack full of Yummy Vintage Gear.

Last night we pulled the first wires through the pipes under the floor, cleverly put there just for this purpose. Progress! Here’s a shot of the punch block where Jay attaches the wires:

Was 250 feet of 48pr Mogami wire. A little shorter now.










OK. Gotta go back to work!

2 thoughts on “On the inside, there’s not much to see.

  1. Timothy Hevesi says:

    Mogami is great and so nice to work with! Is your bay TT or 1/4″? I still have five or six racks left from my old studio and about forty patch cables too. Mine was 1/4″, ADC, and the patch cables were balanced Mogami with locking Neutrik ends. For sale and excellent condition. Cheers!

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