Someone recently pointed out that one of the reasons they love to work at Soundhouse is that they can track drums in a kick ass room with several different flavors to choose from.

In our dedicated outboard Mic Pre racks, we have 6 channels of Neve 1073‘s (two of em’ are vintage with EQ) plus an array of excellent mic pres on the Neve side of the spectrum including a pair of Chandler LTD-1‘s, up to 5 UA 610‘s ( I keep a UA 2-610 and the UA 6176 at home but I’ll bring it in for you if you ask!) for that world famous tube sound, and a pair of Great Rivers.

Then there’s 10 channels of API (2 x  3124 and a pair of 512‘s).

8 Channels of the ultra clean Millennia HV – 3D.

And of course, the renowned Trident 80B – which is the rare 40 channel input version.

Yep. I love my job.

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