Hello there,

Some cool things have been going on and I haven’t been telling you. Sheer laziness, I assure you.

Jack had Dilana in the studio last month. Wow. She’s a whole bunch of Rockin’ Woman! Hard working, driven, great (ROCKIN’) songs and she picked the right guy to produce her new album. And if that’s not enough, she’s smart, beautiful and very down to earth. Very nice to have her around the studio!

Meanwhile, Jack’s also been working with Seattle bands Seeing Blind and Mystery Ship. Brian Pake and Birch Riley were just back to re record some drums and do some vocal tracks.

And …

We have rejuvenated the LA2A! Replaced the tubes and purchased a new “old stock” opto attenuator. Sounds Maaahvelous!

Mixing just got better at Soundhouse — We purchased an SSL G series stereo bus compressor – otherwise known as “The Glue”.

A couple months ago Jack came across a band in need of lightening their load¬† – they had an Ampeg SVT Classic reissue that didn’t work anymore. Jack brought it home and gave it some elbow grease and some TLC. He leaves it in the studio! I love it! Just used it on the last couple projects and it just sounds nice and Ampeg-gy and all tubey like.

We now have a Beyerdynamic M160 Ribbon – sounds great on guitars.

And a pair of Beyerdynamic MC 930s – Currently I have these at my home studio so if you want to use them make sure to let me know and I’ll bring em in!

…and I picked up another Universal Audio 2-610! I love these. It is also at home but if you wanna use more than the one at Soundhouse, lemme know.

Lots to be thankful for!

Have a great Thanksgiving, see you soon!

mike :’)~

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