The other day I walked in to find that I forgot to pay my “dues” to the Juju Queen.

The true nature and depth of Jack Endino‘s magic, part mortal, part God of Thunder became excruciatingly apparent.

Mr. Endino, who’s been mixing all kinds of albums here over the years is apparently in cahoots with, and channeling some of the Soundhouse Voodoo, both creating it and drawing from it, was found with his “batteries run down”. My fault Jack, sorry. There are still some things that I am learning about the care and maintenance of Soundhouse and some hiccups are bound to occur. Scotty Crane (the mad man charged with creating this oasis, this magical music making, hoodoo venue – the man who used his “connections” with the “Otherworld” in order to bestow upon it the very best in musical Juju and Vibe) has done his best to convey to me how to care for Soundhouse, but, as you may or may not know: language is not fully sufficient for communications about such things. Perhaps you’ve noticed the Gargoyles around the studio. I understand much, MUCH more now. A quick call to Scotty got me on the right track, the Juju restored and Jack is recovering slowly but surely. A little pick-me-up note to him would surely be appreciated.