Well, sometimes it just happens and there you are facing a Round Tuit.

So, hello.

This is just to let you know that Soundhouse is still here, quietly working away the Covid 19 thing. Music is the cure. Pretty sure.

If you’re ready to get outta the Woodshed, send a message. There’s a deal to be had if you catch our FB post tomorrow (2.14.22, otherwise known as Valentines Day. I guess … ) at noon.



These kind Soundhouse clients have been in over the last couple of years. 


Rosie Witman


Mark Brainard

In The Drink

Robots of the Ancient World


Wyatt Silva

Am Samstag

One Night at the Eagles

Gin and Tilyanna


Marshal Law

The Black Tones


Linda From Work

Loud Motor

Old Dirty Buzzard


Winston Jarrett

Jack Swagger

The Revisioners

Sky Cries Mary

Cerebral Rot

Sinister 6

Barrett Martin



Buzz Factor

Zach Miller

Los Kobbs

Barret Martin



Electric Chair

Voodoo Ray Gun

Ray Salmonberry


Rat King

The Cutthroat Brothers

Big Dirt

The Black Tones

Paula S

The Smokes

Trash Panda Go Kart

Jarrett Samples

Sinister 6

Winston Jarrett

Evan Strauss

Vince Gipson

Sonic Medicine

One Night at the Eagles



Kara Hess


Wyatt Silva



Yup, these guys spent four days here at the end of August, with Steve Fisk. Some really talented and creative kids, umm, I mean CATS. I walked in once and they were dropping a bag of percussion instruments on the floor … I think they were recording that, but I’m not 100% sure. They did some cool/creative stuff recording and they have the right guy producing them –  Steve made good use of the Fairchild EQ’s and Opto Compressor! That just made my day. It’s also cool to see Fisk’s ARP 2600 in the studio.

Check em out here: SEACATS

And, while we get lots of positive remarks about the Vibe at Soundhouse, this gives us a little extra credit, too …

Thanks guys!

– mike

… have all been in the studio taking advantage of the “new and improved” Soundhouse!

Stag | Key Note Speaker | Red Vienna | Crystal Antlers

Stag is mixing this week with Jack Endino.

Next week:

Dawn Jewell comes in to mix with Shawn Simmons.

Lark Vs. Owl is doing some overdubs with Mike Sebring.

Chris Brokaw (formerly of CODEINE) is recording with Matthew J Barnhart.

Agh.  After updating the Gear page a while back I added the blog and uploaded the old page. Apologies to those of you that I sent there to see the “updated gear list”! It is now, officially, up-to-date!

Things that you may be interested in that are new to Soundhouse:

Soundhouse got a new toy. You will be pleased, it’s an update long overdue.

Last month we installed the new ProTools 9 rig with new Mytek 8×192 converters!

I took it for a test run – recording at 176.4 kHz – without a hiccup (Except for one error that we later realized was caused by writing to the system disk!) with Seattle band Lark Vs. Owl.


Jack says,  “I love it”.

You will, too. Of course, we still have the [lonely] Studer 24 track.

Stay tuned for more updates and more of what’s going on…