Just like a rock star.

We wait for it, expect it We get wet. Some of us complain because its late. But then …

It bursts onto the stage … bigger and better than we’d dreamed! All is forgiven and we Rock out all summer long. And here we are expecting Fall, but the summer show keeps coming at us. Nice.

But, it’s time to get back to the computer, the blog, the music. I will do my  best to catch you up succinctly without missing any juicy bits.

Joe Freeman, who used to play with The Pat Sajak Assassins before he moved to Seattle, brought in a project last weekend. The goal – write and record a song for this sculpture:

  He brought with him Dustin Carroll (drums), and Kris Couture (bass), while I attempted to add some bass/moogerfoogerin’.

Goal accomplished, mix is in progress!

We all played in the Live Room, no headphones using all Neve (OHs, Tom/Floor, guitar), Chandler (bass/DI), UA 2-610 (Kick & Snare) and Great River (ribbons – Royer 121 on the side of the snare, Coles 3048 on kit body). Very nice sounds! Thanks to Chris Gibbs for assisting in the control room!Stay Tuned for more about … the Seacats!

– mike

The other day Chris DeMarcus came down to Soundhouse from Canada to record some drums for SMP. You see, we have a reputation for getting killer drums sounds. When he got here in the morning he was psyched about all of our vintage gear. I helped him get the kit miced up, everything patched in and the Headphones going. I don’t see many people tracking with compression but as he was after a certain something. While dialing in his tones he would suddenly turn, make some adjustments and say something like, Wow, I really wasn’t liking the way that was sounding, now it sounds great!

I didn’t get to see them when they left, so I sent him an email thanking him for making the trip.

This was his reply –

> Thanks guys, it was great.
> I was working quick, so I had some phase issues, but as soon as I got
> things fixed in Protools, it turned out to be the best drum recording
> I’ve done anywhere. Those Chandlers, and Great Rivers, and the
> Trident console pres sound great.
> The room sounds awesome. I’ll probably come back down during the
> summer to record some more drums and maybe a little guitar.

Thanks Chris!

Gotta love that 🙂