The other day Chris DeMarcus came down to Soundhouse from Canada to record some drums for SMP. You see, we have a reputation for getting killer drums sounds. When he got here in the morning he was psyched about all of our vintage gear. I helped him get the kit miced up, everything patched in and the Headphones going. I don’t see many people tracking with compression but as he was after a certain something. While dialing in his tones he would suddenly turn, make some adjustments and say something like, Wow, I really wasn’t liking the way that was sounding, now it sounds great!

I didn’t get to see them when they left, so I sent him an email thanking him for making the trip.

This was his reply –

> Thanks guys, it was great.
> I was working quick, so I had some phase issues, but as soon as I got
> things fixed in Protools, it turned out to be the best drum recording
> I’ve done anywhere. Those Chandlers, and Great Rivers, and the
> Trident console pres sound great.
> The room sounds awesome. I’ll probably come back down during the
> summer to record some more drums and maybe a little guitar.

Thanks Chris!

Gotta love that 🙂